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Selling Leads

(1 - 6 out of 6 total Selling Leads)

  • Sell Flannel blanket

    ZengBo Textile is a leading manufacturer in China. It has 10 years experience in design, size, weight and quantity customization of flannel blanket. We have our own knitwear, printing, home...
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    Sell Flannel blanket

  • Sell Throw blanket

    ZENGBO textile Throw blanket, we manufacture different throwing blankets, such as fleece fleece blanket, coral carpet, flannelette blanket, etc. We have our own printing and dyeing plant,...
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    Sell Throw blanket

  • Sell Fleece blanket

    Name: adult age group, ordinary style, 100% polyester fleece blanket. Brand: ZENGBO. Material: 100% polyester. Custom size. Minimum order: 500PCS / color. Sample cost: $50 includes...
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    Sell Fleece blanket

  • Sell Blanket supplier

    Excellent independent research and development ability We develop new production technologies, using only the best materials. Our lab is constantly looking for new solutions to create...
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    Sell Blanket supplier

  • Sell Blanket factory

    Advanced production equipment We have the best blanket factory production chain, and the machine is always brand new to create the best products. It is not easy to make mistakes in our...
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    Sell Blanket factory

  • Sell blanket manufacturer

    Zengbo is a blanket manufacturer of fleece fabrics and home textiles, such as woollen blankets and shower curtains, especially digital printed flannelette blankets and shower curtains....
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    Sell blanket manufacturer

(1 - 6 out of 6 total Selling Leads)


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